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Sobrasada with cane honey
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Product Description

Details make the difference! Click here and put a little tune with Mediterranean roots for your Sobrasada with cane honey Feel the sound of Mallorca.

Is very easy to prepare:

  1. Open the pack carefully and remove all items.
  2. Open the sobrasada and keep aside.
  3. Spread a bit of it on the bread.
  4. Carefully open the cane honey to avoid sticky fingers and place it on the spreaded toast. We recommend you to eat it right away for the bread to stay crispy.

Learn more about sobrasada
As a traditionally home made product, there are as many versions as villages and families. Though it is prepared in other areas, it is traditional from Mallorcan cuisine where it is consumed warm during the winter and cool in summertime. It is also used as an ingredient in different typical dishes.

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Weight 2000 g