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Cream cheese with a taste of the Golden age
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Product Description

Start living your Tapas to go! experience surrounded by Spanish music. Enjoy a music that is as varied and rich as sheep cheese usually accompanied by olives and other vegetables during the XVII century.

It is very/really easy to prepare:

  1. Open the pack carefully and remove all items.
  2. Pour some cream cheese with tomato into the tiny clay dish.
  3. Top the ensemble with black olive pate and drop some olive oil over it.
  4. Eat using the regañas as small spoons.

If you want to complete it, add some black olives as garnish.

Learn more about cheese

Cheese is a valuable food that has gone with men in multiples circumstances.

During the Middle Ages eating meat was unaffordable as well as not permitted during quite a few days. That’s why Religious Orders created different types of cheese and could add some variety to their limited diet.

Cheese was also crucial during discoverers’ era: it didn’t take up much space on ships, it was long lasting food and a great nourishment.

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Weight 2000 g