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Iberian ham cream with quince jelly
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Product Description

The ham is a Spanish delight and you will find multiple varieties across the country. Enjoy your Iberian ham cream with the five senses thanks to this playlist of assorted Spanish groups.

It is very easy to prepare

  1. Open the pack carefully and remove all items.
  2. Open the Iberian cream and place it inside the tiny casserole.
  3. Dice the quince jelly, put it on the top and pour a splash of olive oil.
  4. Use the picos to take it directly from the casserole.

Learn more about the Iberian pig’s ecosystem

The dehesa ecosystem is a special kind of pasture result of joint work of nature and man. The most common trees in this landscape are holm oaks and is to its fruit, acorns, that we can thank the wonders of the Iberian pig. Also the cork oaks populates the dehesa and amongst other applications its bark is used,to seal the bottles of wine that so well accompany a good Iberian product.

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