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Sardines with Piquillo pepper party
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Product Description

Details make the difference! Click here and put a little tune with Celtic roots for your Sardines with Piquillo Pepper party. Feel the North’s sound.

Is very easy to prepare:

  1. Open the pack carefully and remove all items.
  2. Open the can of sardines and keep aside.
  3. Spread a bit of cheese & tomato cream on the bread.
  4. To avoid oily fingers, use the tweezers to take one sardine out of the can and place it on the spreaded toast. We recommend you to eat it right away for the bread to stay crispy.

Learn more about canned sardines

Once sealed and sterilized, , sardine cans are kept in perfect conditions for a very long time unless they are opened or damaged . So much that, there are fans who keep a hold of cans in cellars, just like wine, so time can improve its taste, texture and quality.

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Additional Information

Weight 2000 g