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Gazpacho in Sherry vinegar
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It is time to eat your Salmorejo with Sherry vinegar. Pump up the volume and enjoy our Andalousian artists music selection. Discover the real sound of southern Spain.

It’s very easy to prepare:

  1. Open the pack carefully and remove all items.
  2. Pour some salmorejo in your tiny earthware pot.
  3. Dress it with a few drops of sherry vinegar and a splash of oil.
  4. Top the ensamble with croutons.

If you want to try some other variations, add a chopped boiled egg, some shredded cured ham or chopped tuna.

Learn more about a nice Salmorejo

Salmorejo and gazpacho may look quite similar but taste and texture are really different. Salmorejo does not incorporate pepper, cucumber or onion. In his recipe tomato garden has a prominent role. It’s eaten with some chunky over it and sometimes, as a dressing for salads or as a dipping for some fried foods (breaded aubergine for example).

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